What Current Members Are Saying About P3

“Parity is the missing piece of development that I didn’t know I needed. The P3 discussions have taught me some of the hardest things about hard things, that were learned the hard way.

This level of transparency simply does not exist in competitive professional circles. Parity is the exception - at the foundation of the program is trust and talented, driven, professional women who genuinely want to help each other.”
— Lindsay Davis, Tech Analyst, CB Insights, Emerging Leader
“The P3 program has been a tremendous experience. Monthly events not only present great content on issues key to career development but also provide an invaluable opportunity to network with a group of interesting and accomplished women from a diverse set of industries. The pod meetings provide an opportunity to make closer connections with a smaller group of women both on personal and professional level.”
— Ece Erdagoz, Associate, Bain Capital Ventures Emerging Leader
“What I value most about P3 is the fellowship. In such a male-dominated industry, the opportunity to find female mentors and build camaraderie with like-minded peers at top financial institutions in the industry is unmatched.”
— Anastacia Gordon, MBA, Kapor Capital, Emerging Leader

”There are a lot of women’s networking groups out there, but P3 is a cut above. I really enjoy the combination of large format events, with curated, high caliber speakers, and the small group pod meetings, where we break down current issues P3 women are facing to brainstorm solutions.”
— Molly Siems, Director of Business Development, Justworks Rising Leaders Program (6-12 experience)
“I’ve really enjoyed this program and am especially impressed with the program management. The communication, training, talks, presentations and discussion guides are top notch. I feel very lucky to be part of this program and have been taking notes to leverage in my day job!”
— Kimberly James, Vice President, JP Morgan Chase, Rising Leader
“P3 strikes the perfect balance between a large community of high-performing women and a network of tight-knit groups. The sessions are tailored, engaging, and nuanced, always providing new perspectives to familiar & important topics. Parity’s team goes above and beyond to welcome & get to know members, laying the foundation for meaningful relationships within and beyond the program.”
— Geri Kirilova, Associate, Laconia Capital Group, Emerging Leader
“P3 has been one of the best resources for meaningfully connecting with other women in my industry. I’ve built wonderful relationships through P3 and feel invested in the success of my P3 pod members. P3 has provided a safe space to explore both the wonders and the challenges I’m experiencing as a woman at the beginning of my career. In addition to the vibrant community, I feel fortunate to have access to the P3 programming which has proven to be highly valuable and tactical.”
— Adina Davis, MBA Associate, Red Sea Ventures, The Wharton School, Rising Leader
“I joined the program to genuinely listen and learn from other women who face and deal the same career challenges as I do. The P3 Leadership Program is different to other similar ventures I joined throughout the years in the sense that is not dwelling on the self-pity and victimization of women but instead it recognizes me as an ambitious and dynamic woman who wants to be successful, learn and achieve any goals I have set for my career and personal development.”
— Stella Voutsina, CTO, MDC Media Partners, Rising Leader
“I’m so grateful to be a part of P3! With P3-wide sessions featuring tenured, compelling speakers on a wide range of topical and valuable subjects, coupled with ‘Pod’ meetings that provide a more personal setting to develop close relationships with a group of P3 members, my experience with P3 has been truly invaluable.”
— Hannah Flaum, Analyst, Apollo Global Management, Emerging Leader
“P3 has been invaluable to my professional development over the last year. Through monthly Parity Talks, I’ve had the chance to engage with a community of thought leaders across disciplines and learn from and share my experience with other young professionals through our “pod” meetings. I now consider these women my friends and truly look forward to our meetings each month!”
— Genevieve Ryan, Founder, Real World Playbook, Emerging Leader

“Parity has been a really great starting place for me to build my New York network. It took me years to learn the Silicon Valley market, but coming to these programs has really accelerated a lot of those relationships and helped me understand the pulse of the New York market. Through Parity, I now feel comfortable in this ecosystem just a year after moving to the city.”
— Helen Hua, VP Talent, Insight Venture Partners, Rising Leader