Pooja Karnane

Pooja joined Parity in 2018 as the P3 Member Acquisition Manager. She graduated from Bentley University, where she studied actuarial science, economics, and finance. Her interest in analyzing data to answer key questions led her to pursue a role at the International Monetary Fund in DC as a Research Analyst. During her two years there, Pooja was involved in a key research study, examining the gender implications of the changing nature of work arising from advancements in technology. The research showed that across sectors and occupations, underrepresentation of women in professional and managerial positions places them at higher risk of displacement by technology - thus, it was only natural she transition to a role at Parity Partners, where she could combine her creativity with her passion for data to help provide women with the skills to excel. 

Outside of work, Pooja can be found running along the Hudson, reading, and exploring the NYC art scene.