Pod Member Responsibilities

We will do everything we can to support you and your Pod. Please let us know if we can help at any time. You can contact your Community Manager if you have any questions or feedback.

In-Person Monthly Pod Meetings

We ask that you attend all Pod meetings but understand other obligations may get in the way. Please miss no more than two Pod meetings. These meetings run 60-90 minute each month starting in February (except August and December).

Be Active Participants In The P3 Community

We also encourage you to join us for live Parity Talks and networking events in your cities. If you cannot be there in person, our Talks are filmed and available on our website on demand.

Pod Engagement

We find high engagement begets high payoff and vice versa. To honor our community guidelines - and respect Pod Leader time - we request all Members let Pod Leaders know in advance if they cannot attend a meeting.

Pod Engagement

Treat your P3 colleagues with the respect you’d like to receive and you’ll be rewarded with many outreached hands. Reply to all emails on a timely basis. Everyone in P3 is here to get & give help.