P3 pairs participants with a robust curriculum and curated mentoring pods that hone skills over a 12-month period. 


Participants will attend a monthly talk on a substantive career-enhancing topic, and between talks, meet with their mentoring “pod” to further the discussion and solidify the learnings.

Each session is led by a world-class speaker and that offers practical tips, exercises, and resources that participants can use to chart a path into a leadership role.



MAY:  Define Your Value Proposition
JUN:   Build Your Portfolio
JUL:   Prioritize Your Time
AUG:  Sell Yourself
SEP:  Buck The Trend
OCT:  The Art of Negotiation
NOV:  Prospect for Promoters
DEC:  Lead With An Edge


JAN:   Make It Rain
FEB:   Extend Your Portfolio
MAR:  Invest In Yourself
APR:  Take a Long Position


Each talk is led by a speaker with specific subject matter expertise. Speakers include company founders, C-level executives, Managing Directors from VC & PE, and best-selling authors.

Pods are curated discussion groups that gather to delve more deeply into the Parity Talk of the month to consolidate learning. They foster lasting relationships, offer support, and  promote strong networks.

Screenshot 2017-03-21 12.11.59.png
  • A leader in the financial services industry
  • Attends monthly Parity Talk Organizes and leads each monthly Parity Pod meeting using P3-supplied topic-specific materials to facilitate constructive pod conversations and learning
  • Woman in the financial services industry (asset management, investment, FinTech, investment banking)
  • Attends each monthly Parity Talk
  • Attends and actively contributes to each Parity Pod meeting
  • Signs a 12-month participation commitment