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Parity Pods

In addition to hosting Parity Talks, we assign every P3 Participant to a Parity Pod, curated discussion groups that are led by Pod Leaders. 

Our Pod Leaders are all women who have had at least 7 years of experience in financial services. Each month, Parity Pods come together, either in person or remotely, to delve deeper into the content presented during that month's Parity Talk.

Parity Pods provide P3 Participants with a forum to cement their learnings while building long-lasting relationships.

Pod Leader of the Week

Adebola Osakwe joined KKR in 2015 and is a member of the Human Resources Team, where she leads the Firm’s Inclusion and Diversity efforts. Prior to joining KKR, Mrs. Osakwe was an executive director on Morgan Stanley’s diversity and inclusion team, where she spent almost 9 years.
Read our profile of Ms. Osakwe here.

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Total participants in P3

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Average size of Pod

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Pod Leaders


Meghan Otis

Waveland Investments

Addie Lerner

General Catalyst

Beth Ferreira

WME Ventures

Kara Flanagan

BC Government

Amy Wu


Christina Lyndon

Angelo, Gordon & Co.

Effie Epstein

Sound Ventures

Anne Dwane

Harvard Business School

Jodi Love

Jennison Associates

Rachel Geller

Insight Venture Partners

Susanne Greenfield

The Priceline Group

Kate Castle

Flybridge Capital Partners

Vanessa Pestritto

Lattice Ventures

Hilary Hoffman

General Atlantic

Kimberly James

J.P. Morgan

Talia Goldberg

Bessemer Ventures

Colleen Poynton

Core Innovation Capital

Elodie Dupuy

ICONIQ Capital

Laura Held

Shamrock Capital

Meredith Finn


nisa Amoils

Scout Ventures

Vanessa Liu

Trigger Media Group

Jennifer Kozicki

Ares Credit Group

Christine Bave

Apollo Global Mgmt


Christina Bechhold

Samsung Next

Jessie Henry

 Mill Creek

Anika Agarwal

Insight Venture Partners

Allyson White

Insight Venture Partners

Anna Garcia

Runway Ventures

Deb Bronston-Culp

 Golden Seeds

Emily Becher

Samsung Next

Jessica Peltz

KB Ventures

Sophie Jones


Jennifer Kaminsky Web 1.0.png

Jennifer Kaminsky

Apollo Global Mgmt

Sutian Dong

Female Founders Fund

Claudia Iannazzo

AlphaPrime Ventures