Pod Principles

How To Have Successful Pod Meetings

A Pod meeting is successful when everyone leaves it feeling it was worth the time they invested. This can occur because the connections made and/or conversation had offered the Member a better way of doing something (sourcing a deal, negotiating transaction terms, help tackling a problem at work or interaction with a colleague, advising about next career steps, etc--the list is fortunately long). Make sure you are contributing to maximize your own experience and those of your fellow Pod Members.

Great Pod Meetings Entail:

  • Attend or listen to the Parity Talk beforehand

  • Do your part to ensure meeting environment is in a safe, confidential, non-confrontational, non-competitive, non-judgmental space

  • Offer sound advice while being a good listener

  • Support all Pod Members. Be attentive to the dynamics of the Pod; strive to ensure each participant voices her opinion at least once during every Pod meeting

Tenets: Our Pod meetings will be founded upon a number of principles

  • Commit

    Involvement breeds success. Please make a commitment to show up and engage.

  • Connect

    The Pod meeting is a place to connect more intimately with other successful women and be mentored by a senior executive. Building your professional network will have long-term value. We know we are stronger together and that life-long professional relationships have huge impact of a woman’s success when it comes to promotions, raises, deals, and other opportunities.  The power of networking, at any stage of your professional life, cannot be understated.

  • Respect

Listen to your P3 colleagues. Feel free to offer opinions and advice when asked. Feel free to ask for advice. If something is not working for you, please let us know. Respond to all Member and Leader communications.

  • Safe Space

This is a safe and supportive community. Please do not share sensitive information from Pod meetings with those outside your Pod unless granted permission. Additionally, we expect Members to listen and offer advice or opinions in a non- judgmental, unemotional, non-competitive atmosphere.