About Parity Pods

Parity Pods provide P3 Participants with a forum to cement their learnings while building long-lasting relationships. We assign every P3 Participant to a Parity Pod, a curated discussion group that is led by a senior level Pod Leader. 

Each month, Parity Pods come together, either in person or remotely, to delve deeper into the content presented during that month's Parity Talk.

Our Pod Leaders are all women who have had at least 7 years of experience in financial services and are willing to offer mentorship and facilitation during parity pod meetings.

Our Pod Leader has been doing an awesome job. As someone who facilitates and moderates groups, I have deep appreciation for what she’s doing. The pod definitely augments and supplements the talks, to be tactical, useful and brought to reality with amazing fellow pod-ers!
— Jessica Lin, General Partner at Work-Bench