Invest in Yourself

Parity Partners created the Parity Professional Program (P3) to help women achieve their career aspirations and become leaders in their fields.

Since our launch in May 2017, the P3 community has quickly grown to over 350 members across 15+ cities.

In 2018, we will offer 3 professional development tracks to meet the diverse needs and challenges women face at every stage of their professional careers.

1. Emerging Leaders (<7 years experience)

2. Rising Leaders (7-14 years experience)

3. Advanced Leaders (15+ years experience)

In 2018, live programming will be available in New York and San Francisco, with a variety of digital and live programming available in our hub cities and for online members. 

”The P3 program has been a tremendous experience. Monthly events not only present great content on issues key to career development, but also provide an invaluable opportunity to network with a group of interesting and accomplished women from a diverse set of industries. The pod meetings provide an opportunity to make closer connections with a smaller group of women both on personal and professional level.”
— Ece Erdagoz Associate, Bain Capital Ventures, Emerging Leaders Program (<6 years experience)

Career Development at Every Level

Our curricula are built to address the unique challenges faced at every level of professional development. 

emerging leaders.png

Emerging Leaders
<7 years Experience

The Emerging Leaders curriculum combines specific, targeted Parity Talks and Parity Pods on topics that have been curated for women with fewer than 7 years of professional experience. This curriculum aims to accelerate  career development and professional networks.

rising leaders.png

Rising Leaders
7-14 Years Experience

The Rising Leaders curriculum addresses specific career development topics for women who have 7-14 years of professional experience. This curriculum targets career development strategies that are particularly relevant in middle management positions.


Advanced Leaders
15+ Years Experience

We offer a peer-to-peer learning summit for selected professionals with 15+ years of professional experience. This summit and related events will address the specific challenges of top-down leadership and provide valuable networking opportunities for senior level women.

Four Dimensions of Leadership


4 dimesions.png

Parity has identified 4 key dimensions to successful leadership.

1. Clarity: Inner Self

2. Confidence: Outer Self

3. Connection: Self and Others

4. Productivity: Self and World

Our curricula provides tangible, didactic steps to achieve each dimension at every level.  The curriculum has been carefully developed to grow  skills along a thoughtful learning journey.

Targeted Engagement for Women Everywhere

Live programming is available in SF and NYC and we have growing communities in cities across the country. P3 offers opportunities to engage in our programs in various formats.

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Host Cities

New York, San Francisco

  •  Live monthly Parity Talks by expert instructors, industry professionals, and acclaimed speakers.
  • In-person monthly Pod Meetings
  • Access to Peer-to-Peer Network meet ups targeted to industry, interests, skill training and more.
  • Access to mentors and coaches for in-person sessions.
  • Additional live workshops and master classes.
  • Invitation to our annual Parity summit.
hub city logo.png


Hub cities

LA, Boston, London, Washington D.C.

  • Full access to content virtually.
  • In-person, local, monthly Pod Meetings.
  • Access to Peer-to-Peer Network meet ups targeted to industry, interests, skill training and more.
  • Live workshops and master classes.
  • Invitation to our annual Parity summit.
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Online Only


  • Full access to virtual content and online community.
  • P3 workbook and materials to reflect on monthly talks.
  • Access to Peer-to-Peer Network meet ups in hub and host cities.
  • Invitation to our annual Parity summit.


We are committed to providing membership and opportunities to everyone accepted into our program. Approximately 82% of our participants expense their P3 membership to their companies as a career development or continuing education opportunity. 

We offer case-by-case scholarships on an as-needed basis. Please complete the online application. Upon acceptance, please contact our staff for more information.