Meet Up. Mentor Up. Move Up... with P3!

Are you ready to take the next step in your professional journey? Parity Professional Programs (P3) are purpose-built to help outstanding women at all professional levels develop the skills, sponsorship, and network that they need to achieve their true potential and gain access to well-deserved leadership roles.

Our mission is to empower P3 women to close the gender gap at all levels, from the boardroom and beyond, by delivering focused training and mentoring within an exclusive community of talented, diverse women.

It’s not about getting a seat at the table. It’s about building an entirely new table. Let's craft the future together.


Acquire the Skills to Step Up.

Learn How to Lead from Those Who Do It Best: Industry Legends, Eminent Executives,
& Best-Selling Authors

Parity Talks and workshops are designed to develop the core skills required to achieve professional success. Our 2019 curriculum is structured as trimesters, offering deep dives into three key areas that are proven to accelerate your career.

Developing Your Individual Leadership Skills

Design your career path using structured methodologies, overcome imposter syndrome, develop mindfulness skills, and learn how to navigate the ups and downs of a challenging career.

Building Relationships & Communicating to Succeed

Learn how to become an effective and powerful communicator who inspires confidence, build indelible professional relationships, give and receive constructive feedback, and negotiate the best outcomes.

Embracing Change to Innovate & Lead

Get the tools you need to continually reinvent yourself as a leader, learn how to embrace change and leverage it for innovation, and create a diverse, inclusive organization.



Build a Network to Last a Lifetime.

Join a Global, Growing Community of 600+ Exceptional Women

Become part of an exclusive community of exceptional women who are changing the face of corporate leadership. Connect with mentors, movers-and-shakers, and deal makers and forge the relationships that will help you go the distance.

Parity Pods

Monthly Parity Pod meetings offer intimate environments to build life-long relationships, develop new skills, and share experiences. These small curated groups of 8 to 12 women are the heart and soul of P3 and are life changing for many of our members.

Online Community

Get access to the global P3 community with our online community platform. Connect with female leaders in your field, find the mentors and sponsors who can help you succeed, or mine the directory to find your next deal.

Networking & Social Events

Kickup your high heels at regional networking and social events held by P3 and our partners. Enjoy networking over sips, snacks, and sometimes even a little shopping!



Designed for Every Stage of Your Career.

Emerging Leaders
‹ 7 Years Experience

Our Emerging Leaders program accelerates career advancement and provides a powerful professional network of peers and mentors. Learn the skills and meet the people required to succeed in competitive environments.

Rising Leaders
7-14 Years Experience

Our Rising Leaders program focuses on development strategies relevant mid-career. Get the skills, knowledge, and guidance you need to advance to the boardroom and achieve leadership responsibilities.

Advanced Leaders
15+ Years Experience

Our Advanced Leaders program is designed to address the challenges you face in leadership roles and provides extraordinary opportunities for senior level women to connect and share with one another.



What Our Members Say:

“Parity is the missing piece of development that I didn’t know I needed. This level of transparency simply does not exist in competitive professional circles, but Parity is the exception. At the foundation of the program is trust and talented, driven, professional women who genuinely want to help each other.”

— Lindsay Davis, Tech Analyst, CB Insights