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Lisa Safran

Lisa Safran has over 15 years experience in training and development. As the founder & training strategist of Improv Consultants, Lisa believes that when it comes to training, ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. She works collaboratively with her clients to support customizing business training and coaching programs.

Some of the clients she has had the pleasure of working with include: Genentech, Microsoft, HP, Sephora, SF Public Utilities Commission, City and County of Palo Alto Recreation Division, Purple Wine + Spirits, Roxbox, iRhythm Technologies, and more.

Lisa has a background in theater and improvisation making “fun” an operative word when it comes to the experiential professional development programs she facilitates with individuals and teams. Lisa helps her clients strengthen communication & leadership skills, and develop healthier teams through training and team building programs. Lisa is the author of two books – Reading and Writing Come Alive and Executive Presence Improv Style.