Helping Women Achieve Their Career Aspirations

“Parity is the missing piece of development that I didn’t know I needed. This level of transparency simply does not exist in other professional circles. Parity is the exception - at the foundation of the program are talented, driven, professional women who genuinely want to help each other.”
— Lindsay Davis, Tech Analyst, CB Insights, Emerging Leader


We work with leading companies to build and grow diverse teams at every level. Through our P3 curriculum, we help women develop the skills and network they need to accelerate their careers.

Our program combines 3 key components:

Parity Talks Each month, we bring in key experts to address relevant career development topics at every level.

Parity Pods Groups of 6-10 women meet monthly to build long-lasting relationships and reflect on monthly topics.

Parity Summits & Events We offer city-wide events and summits to allow members to connect with a variety of industry professionals within their city and nationally.

“I joined the program to genuinely listen and learn from other women who face and deal the same career challenges as I do. The P3 Leadership Program is different to other similar ventures I joined throughout the years in the sense that is not dwelling on the self-pity and victimization of women but instead it recognizes me as an ambitious and dynamic woman.”
— Stella Voutsina, CTO, MDC Media Partners, Rising Leader
“P3 has been one of the best resources for meaningfully connecting with other women in my industry. P3 has provided a safe space to explore both the wonders and the challenges I’m experiencing as a woman at the beginning of my career. ”
— Adina Davis, MBA Associate, Red Sea Ventures MBA Student, The Wharton School

Upcoming Parity Talk

fran hauser.png

Fran Hauser
Former President of Digital, Time Inc.


February 12, 2018

Redefine strong leadership by deconstructing the negative perception of "the nice girl."  Learn how to reclaim kindness and sidestep regressive stereotypes.

“There are a lot of women’s networking groups out there, but P3 is a cut above. I really enjoy the combination of large format events, with curated, high caliber speakers, and the small group pod meetings, where we break down current issues P3 women are facing to brainstorm solutions.”
— Molly Seims, Director of Business Development, Justworks