Returning Member FAQ

What will happen to my existing membership in P3?
Your current membership will continue through through April 2018! You will be able to renew your membership starting in February of 2018. Stay tuned for information on renewal.

Do I need to fill out the application for 2018?
You do not need to fill out the application! The application linked on our website is only for new members. Returning members will have the opportunity to renew through a renewal form available soon.

Will there be programming changes in February because of P3 2018?
No, the programming and pods for founding (2017) members will remain unchanged. We will be running concurrent sessions in March and April for new members.

Will there be any perks to first year members?
We will be offering exclusive perks for our founding year members as a thank you for your help and dedication to #Parity! 

  • Founding Member discount: founding members will pay a discounted membership fee in 2018. Details forthcoming!

How will P3 be different in 2018?
There will be several changes in 2018 thanks to your gracious feedback and recommendations.

  • To account for the unique challenges women face across the course of their careers, the 2018 program will be tiered by career stage: Emerging, Rising and Advanced
  • P3 will add live monthly programming in our second host city, San Francisco! 
  • Hub cities (LA, Boston, Washington D.C., and London) will engage in live pods, in addition to quarterly community meet-ups and viewing parties.

How can I help with P3 2018?
There are a few ways you can get involved to help us with P3 2018.

  • Refer friends! As you know, the strength and value of our community comes from our membership. If you know remarkable women who would be a good fit for P3, please direct them to the online application!
  • Send feedback Send feedback on 2017 to so we can move into 2018 with the most effective programming possible.