Top 5 Things You Need to Know to Become a Rainmaker

From left to right: Janet Balis, Catalina --, Holly McConnell, Saleena Goel, Jeremy Levine

From left to right: Janet Balis, Catalina --, Holly McConnell, Saleena Goel, Jeremy Levine

In our last Parity Talk, Make It Rain, we were joined by a panel of five remarkable professionals from top investment and consulting firms to discuss the professional transition from being a great worker to becoming an outstanding rainmaker.

The panel included Catalina Hayata (Bank of America ML), Janet Balis (EY), Holly McConnell (General Catalyst), Saleena Goel (KKR), and Jeremy Levine (Bessemer) who sat down to discuss the attributes needed to attain the elusive title. Here are five key points from their open dialogue.


1. It’s okay to zig and zag in your career.

Careers are not always straight-forward and always upward trending. No matter where you are in your career, make sure you deliver results and show your best.

2. Be passionate about the work, not the money.

Authenticity and passion are a must. Both will come across in everything you do and help drive success.

3. Personal Branding is just as important as the work you put in.

Being a smart and productive worker bee is not enough. You need to be known for what you do well and have relationships to build on.

So I was up for promotion. I was already on the trading desk for my director promotion at the time. And I was absolutely confident that I was gonna get it because my numbers were so good.

I was just worker bee. I made money- great, great, great. And lo and behold, I got denied. Didn’t get it, and the feedback was “Nobody around the table knew you. So you were just another, great here are the results- check, check, check.”

I wish somebody had sat me down and said, “Yes, you need to have the result, but there is that other element of having this brand.”
— Catalina Hayata, Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

4. Build meaningful two-sided relationships.

Yes, it is possible to over-network. Meeting volumes of people alone will not do much, rather, invest in great relationships you can count on!


5. Plot twist: One person’s success is all of our success.

You can’t be a rainmaker in a vacuum. At the end of the day, being a great rainmaker is about leveraging your network, personal brand, and expertise. Be sure to contribute to the communities and people that surround you; their success can translate into your success, and it never hurts to add value and share goodwill.