Parity welcomes Deb Bronston-Culp as COO / CFO!


I am thrilled to join P3 as its COO/CFO.  About 15 months ago, a friend connected me to Beth to discuss becoming a Pod Leader.  Natalia and I spoke about it a couple of times.  The Parity mission truly resonated with me and I was excited about "leading" a group of professional women. What I hadn't bargained for was the degree to which the women in Pod Liberty and now Pod Green are inspiring, insightful, accomplished, bright and giving.  Our pod experience has been incredibly rewarding. 

I had been investing in startup companies for the last seven years and sought to become part of the energetic experience of a young company.  So when Caryn, Beth and I started talking about how much Parity was growing and how it would need to fill out parts of the team, I jumped at the chance.  The opportunity to couple a mission I believe in with a terrific team of committed colleagues was impossible to pass up. The future is bright! I wish I could fast forward to see how it all turns out but I can't.