Susanne Greenfield, Pod Leader of the Week


Susanne Greenfield is a Vice President of Corporate Development at Priceline Group. In this role she handles M&A, global strategy, and venture investing for Priceline Group's brands. Priceline Group is a 90BN+ market cap company that provides online travel and related services to customers and partners in over 220 countries and territories through six primary brands -, , KAYAK,,, and OpenTable. 

 Prior to her current role at Priceline Group, Susanne was Director of Corporate Development at Griffon Corp., a private equity associate at Corsair Capital, and an investment banking analyst at Merrill Lynch. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Stern School of Undergraduate Business.

What about your career has surprised you the most?
I think the most surprising aspect of my career has been the fact that my path has not always seemed clear in the moment.  When I look back, however, it seems quite logical and deliberate that I have ended up where I am today.

What about the future excites you?
Assuming we are talking about my personal future, I am excited about becoming a more well-rounded leader.  I have recently taken on a new role at my company with new responsibilities.  This is allowing me to expand my skill set and forcing me to enhance my leadership abilities.

What about the future scares you?
Again, assuming we're talking about my personal future, I think it’s not living up to my potential. I try very hard to hold myself to a high standard and I have high aspirations to become a leader not just at my company but in my field and I have the customary worries of not living up to my goals.

Daring Greatly

Which book has had the most significant impact on your life and why?

I am by nature an introvert, which at times hinders my efforts to connect with other people.  Although a bit repetitive at times, a lot of the concepts that Brene Brown explores in Daring Greatly regarding forming connections and building relationships was eye opening.  She illustrates that by opening up to others and showing vulnerability you become more relatable to people.  Especially as a woman in a leadership position, I have found that the more stoic and closed off one appears, the harder it is to connect with and motivate people.  Women in business often feel the need try to show perfection, and I have found that this mentality often gets in the way of relationships in the end, as it is authenticity that allows you to truly connect with other people.

What tool do you use every day that is invaluable?
I cannot get through the day without my To Do Lists.  Although I constantly have to re-prioritize the items on these lists throughout the day, I find it very helpful to have all of my tasks laid out before me in one place.

What does the word 'power' mean to you? 
Having the ability to inspire and motivate others and/or effect meaningful change.

If you woke up and had 1,000 emails in your inbox and could only answer 100, how would you choose which ones to answer?
I always try to answer time sensitive e-mails first and I try to respond to the most senior people with whom I work as soon as possible.

If we could arrange a dinner for you with one person in your industry, who would you want to invite?
I would be interested in having dinner with a CEO of a major technology company who is really pushing the envelope and changing the world of technology as we know it (ie: Elon Musk. Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma etc..) I enjoy getting the chance to  speak to people who are  thinking outside the box and contemplating the future of technology in creative ways.  I find it helpful in my new role where I am helping set the strategy for a major public tech company to be able to think creatively about how to remain competitive and how to continue to grow and innovate in our industry.