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Angela Lee

Angela Lee is an educator & entrepreneur. As Chief Innovation Officer and Associate Dean at Columbia Business School, she is focused on fostering teaching excellence and innovation across faculty. Angela teaches top rated courses in leadership and entrepreneurship and was voted top three faculty by students in 2018. She started her career in product management and then was a strategy consultant at McKinsey. Angela has started 4 startups and is also the founder of 37 Angels, an investing network that has invested in 50 startups and activates new investors through an investment bootcamp.

Angela has spoken at the White House and is regularly invited to advise decision-makers at the highest levels, including Prime Minister Trudeau. She is a sought-after expert on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, MSNBC and Fox Business. She was recognized by Inc. as one of 17 Inspiring Women to Watch in 2017, by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of 6 Innovative Women to Watch in 2015, and has been named by Alley Watch as one of 100 NYC Tech Influencers You Need to Know. She serves on the boards of Fresco Education Fund, Alice App, and Cariclub.