Trimester 1: Developing Your Individual Leadership Skills

It’s time to level up! This year we are taking a deep dive into professional content, designed and delivered by experts who are at the top of their fields. More than lectures, these content tracks are designed to help you make measurable improvement wherever you need it most.

Each track will take place over three months and consist of lectures and hands-on workshops that build new skills and enable meaningful connections with your pod members and peers.

dessy levinson.jpg

Managing Director, Head of Story
645 Ventures

February 13 at 6:00pm // March 5, & April 9 at 6:30pm

Do What Scares You

Midtown, New York

The most powerful tool humans discovered is neither the wheel nor fire. It's storytelling.

Learn how to shape your unique story to create success in your career. Mastering the art of storytelling will give you an edge when navigating change, contextualizing choice, and influencing others. Storytelling is a powerful tool to interpret, change, and make new choices to propel your reality. Embrace what scares you.

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Founder & CEO
The Forem

February 13 at 6:00PM // March 5, & April 9 at 8:00am

Build your brand

Midtown, New York

Jeff Bezos says your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. People talk about us at very specific and important times in our career: when we are interviewing, before performance reviews, when the bonus is allocated, and during promotions.

These are the most important discussions in our career! Don’t leave it to chance that others understand your strengths and capabilities...control your brand.

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Director of Programming
The Humphrey Group

February 13 at 6:00pm // March 7, & April 11 at 8:00am

Taking the stage

Midtown, New York

Imagine if you could lead every time you talk. Learn how to speak up, stand out, and ultimately succeed.

Develop effective communication to ensure your voice is heard. Share your ideas with confidence to influence your audience. Master the art of holding a room through what you say. Communication is a critical component to your professional growth and overall success. Take the Stage starting today.