Trimester 1: Developing Your Individual Leadership Skills

It’s time to level up! This year we are taking a deep dive into professional content, designed and delivered by experts who are at the top of their fields. More than lectures, these content tracks are designed to help you make measurable improvement wherever you need it most.

Each track will take place over three months and consist of lectures and hands-on workshops that build new skills and enable meaningful connections with your pod members and peers.

Immersive Learning

We moved to more in-depth instruction to promote faster adoption of the Series materials.

NYC & SF                                     NYC & SF

OLD WAY                                    NEW WAY

1,000’ learning                           In-depth learning

      1 topic/month                            1 topic/trimester

     All lecture format                 1 lecture & 2 workshops

In NYC, we now offer three Series per trimester. 

  • Each Series will span three sessions; one session per month.

  • You will choose between two Series each trimester.

  • One Series is designed for Members in the Emerging Program (<7 years of work experience),

  • One for Rising and Advanced (7+ years)

  • One for all groups (however, workshop exercises will be targeted to specific groups).

We ask all Pod Members take the same class. 

In Trimesters 2 and 3, your Pod will select between the two Series options.

  • In San Francisco, we offer one instructional theme per trimester.

  • In London, we have just upped our programming from quarterly to monthly.  Our instructors and areas of concentration will change each month.

dessy levinson.jpg

Managing Director, Head of Story
645 Ventures

February 13, March 5, & April 9 at 6:30pm

Do What Scares You!

Midtown, New York

The most powerful tool humans discovered is neither the wheel nor fire. It's storytelling. Story is our framework for interpreting and communicating reality. From the narratives we tell, to the pitches we deliver, to the trajectories we set: in career, business, and life, we think in story. Understanding the purpose and structure of stories can give us an edge when navigating change, contextualizing choice, and integrating conflict. More importantly, story is our roadmap to revealing meaning and finding contentment.

This three-part evening series will give you the tools to navigate your trajectory with clarity and purpose.

IMG_1545 (1).jpg

Founder & CEO
The Forem

February 12, March 5, & April 9 at 8:00am

CreatE your brand & Network

Midtown, New York

Jeff Bezos says your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.  People talk about us at very specific and important times in our career. Whether it’s when we are interviewing, before performance reviews, when the bonus is allocated, where each employee lands after a re-org, or who gets that great stretch assignment and promotions, these are the most important discussions in our careers. Don’t leave it to chance that others assume your strengths and capabilities.

In this three-part morning workshops, Alli will assist with developing your personal brand, perfecting your own elevator pitch, and networking for maximum success so that you can step up and avoid being overlooked.

IMG_1551 (2).jpg

Director of Programming
The Humphrey Group

February 14, March 7, & April 11 at 8:00am

The Art of public speaking

Midtown, New York

The Humphrey Group will provide an immersive three-part training on public speaking and communication strategies. Margo Gouley will be leading a course of public speaking. As the Director of Program Development, Margo helps leaders strengthen their communication skills in group courses and through private coaching. With a Doctorate in philosophy, she teaches clients how to reach professional success through mindset.

This three-part series offers in-depth communication training through the lens of leadership.