Introducing P3 in 2018

Parity Partners created the Parity Professional Program (P3) to help women achieve their career aspirations.

Since launch in May 2017, the P3 community has quickly grown to 350 members across 15+ cities! More than 130 top-tier firms were represented in the first program cohort, including Goldman Sachs, Insight Venture Partners, Facebook, BlackRock, Google, Apollo Global Management, General Catalyst, KKR, NEA, McKinsey & Co., and Bain Capital Ventures, among others.

We aim to make a dent in the gender disparity currently seen at the highest levels of asset management and technology companies and would love to have you join us in 2018. Apply and learn more below.

Now Offering Professional Development
by Career Stage

Emerging Leaders


Rising Leaders


Advanced Leaders


Skill based learning and structured networking Pods  for 3-6 years of professional experience


>> Applications Open Now! <<

Skill based learning and structured networking Pods  for 6-12 years of professional experience  

Vice Presidents

Coming Fall 2018

Peer to peer learning summit for selected professionals with 13 years+  of professional experience.

Managing Directors
C-Level Executives

Coming Fall 2018

Emerging Leaders Curricula

Launching February 2018

Applicants with 6 years of experience or less should apply to join the emerging leaders program.  The program consists of monthly Parity Talks that tracks the next-level skills that early- career women need to master in their journey to a leadership role.

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In addition to Parity Talks, program members participate in Parity Pod meetings and industry specific networking events attended by a curated community of ambitious collaborative women. 


Parity Pods


A “pod” is a curated group of 10 - 12 women who meet monthly to discuss the Parity Talk of the month and mentor one another. Pods are facilitated by Pod Leaders who are senior businesswomen with industry experience. Leaders are supplied with topic-specific materials to facilitate constructive conversations.

Curated Community


P3 consists of investors, founders and emerging leaders in technology. While Parity Talks provide professional development opportunities, Parity Pods offer small, curated communities that are relevant to participant’s geography, industry, and professional goals. 

P3 Cities

HOST CITIES                                          $1,299pp
New York & San Francisco

- Live monthly Parity Talks
- Live monthly Pod Meetings
- Access to Peer-to-Peer Network meet ups (eg; by industry, interests, etc)
- Access to mentors & coaches for
in-person sessions.
-Live workshops and master

HUB CITIES                                                  $999pp
Boston, Los Angeles
Chicago, London

- Full access to content virtually
- Live monthly Pod Meetings
- Access to Peer-to-Peer Network meet ups (eg; by industry, interests, etc)
- Live workshops and master classes

ONLINE ONLY                                              $299
- Full access to content and community virtually