NASDAQ Announces the Launch of P3

NASDAQ Announces the Launch of P3

Parity Partners
created the
Parity Professional Program (P3) to help women achieve their career aspirations

We believe that all financial firms should have diversity at all levels. Through our P3 curriculum, we help women develop the skills and network they need to accelerate their investment and technology careers.

Upcoming Parity Talk: Build Your Dream Network

Cut through the networking noise and start building the powerful, real relationships needed to succeed in today's world. Build a roadmap for creating and cultivating meaningful connections to stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals

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Parity Partners Prepares Emerging Leaders aiming for the C-Suite

On August 9 at NEA’s offices in San Francisco, more than 150 venture capitalists and entrepreneurs joined Parity Partners to listen to a panel discussion on Leadership. The session was the 4th Parity Talk as part of the P3 curriculum. Learn more.

About P3

P3 was created to support diversity in the investment and tech industry by offering women the opportunity to develop robust skills while deepening their networks.

P3 has two key components

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Parity Talks

Each month, subject matter experts lead in-person and webcast talks on the most challenging development topics. Our speakers are founders, CEOs & best selling authors who are subject matter experts. 

Parity Pods

Each P3 Participant joins a curated group of 4-6 women who meet monthly to reflect on that month's Parity Talk. Discussions are facilitated by Pod Leaders, senior businesswomen with at least 7 years of experience in the financial services industry.