Helping Women Achieve Their Career Aspirations

We believe that all financial and tech firms should have diversity at all levels. Through our P3 curriculum, we help women develop the skills and network they need to accelerate their careers.

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Our program combines 3 key components:

Parity Talks Each month, we bring in key experts to address relevant career development topics at every level.

Parity Pods Groups of 6-10 women meet monthly to build long-lasting relationships and reflect on monthly topics.

Parity Summits and Events We offer city-wide events and summits to allow members to connect with a variety of industry professionals within their city and nationally.

Invest in Yourself: Apply for 2018

“This month’s parity talk was phenomenal – so many take-aways. We had a very lively discussion about it on our first pod call and the activity from that first pod is something that I still try to reference.”
Artemis Real Estate Partners    


“I've really enjoyed this program and am especially impressed with the program management. The communication, training, talks, presentations and discussion guides are top notch. I feel very lucky to be part of this program and have been taking notes to leverage in my day job!”
-Vice President
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Upcoming Parity Talk: Train Your Brain

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4x USA Memory Champion

December 4, 2017

Learn how practical brain exercises can improve memory, boost confidence, and give you mental agility in networking, pattern recognition, and cognitive functioning.


Note: We aim to use an inclusive definition of "women." We invite trans women, non-binary people, and other people who are from underrepresented genders in the finance and tech industry to join our programs. We are working towards improving our programming to reflect more diverse experiences and challenges.